April 8th, 2014 at 20.30 (by invitation only)
GVM La Civiltà del Marmo
David Bryan in concerto for M-Piano
Concert performance at the inauguration
of the Solid Senses project 

at Ventura living room
Presented by: Maddalena Corvaglia


David Bryan and Friends:
David Bryan, M-Piano
Matt O’Ree, lead guitar
Eric Safka, keyboards
John Hummel, drums
Scott Bennert, bass guitar
Special Guest on sax

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition “Solid Senses” during Milan design week “Salone del Mobile”, GVM La Civiltà del Marmo presents the second edition of CARRARA IDOL Tuesday, April 8, 2014.
The event consists of an exclusive concert performance conceived by Gualtiero Vanelli, eclectic Tuscan entrepreneur descendant of a family of three generations involved in the business of marble, and David Bryan, keyboard player and co-founder of Bon Jovi.

marble_piano_1David Bryan will be performing in Milan, in an impressive industrial space, playing a unique instrument: M-Piano, the amazing grand piano Steinway & Sons, around which was created a silhouette in precious marble that entirely surrounds it, giving very peculiar resonance to the sound of this instrument.

David Bryan will perform the best-known songs of his repertoire, re-arranged to enhance the characteristics of this precious piano and will be accompanied by an exceptional band, the same that will accompany him on his upcoming solo tour.

The David Bryan and Friends is:  Matt O’Ree, lead guitar, Eric Safka, keyboards, John Hummel, drums, Scott Bennert, bass, Special Guest on sax.

The concert will be introduced by a performance of the Italian band from Tuscany  VICE who will perform a new song, world premiere, written specifically for them by David Bryan. Presenter of the evening will be the italian showgirl Maddalena Corvaglia.

The event will be attended also by David Bryan’s fans and Bon Jovi Club Italia.

marble_piano_2CARRARA IDOL is an artistic platform, designed by David Bryan in collaboration with Gualtiero Vanelli, which consists of a Special international tour – which will be composed of only three events – of the concert for M-Plan.
The first edition was held in Carrara in 2012, in the suggestive setting of one of the most spectacular and impressive marble quarries, the second edition will enliven the Fuori Salone in Milan in April and the third edition will be held in New York in the near future.

The M-Piano is the result of a refined and innovative engineering that uses cutting-edge technology and high craftsmanship, made by the GVM  La Civiltà del Marmo, a genuine factory linked to the world of marble, founded with the goal of recreating in Carrara, around this stately old material, a new contemporary vitality, able to seamlessly combine the most advanced technology with the best traditional craftsmanship of the territory.

The M-Piano will be exhibited to the public in the Ventura living room, from 9 to 13 April 2014, as  integration and completion of the exhibition that the new company Robot City – Italian Art Factory presents at the 2014 edition of Salone del Mobile: SOLID SENSES, special collection of marble decor, designed by  Cini and Stefano BoeriStefano GiovannoniAlessandro MendiniPaolo Ulian, made ​​in limited edition.

April 8, 2014 8:30pm
David Bryan in concerto for M-Piano
Concert performance at the inauguration of the Solid Senses project
strictly by invitation
at Ventura living room

GVM – La Civiltà del Marmo

GVM “La Civiltà del Marmo” is a real factory, with a production workshop and departments of sculpture and design, created with the aim to recreate in Carrara, around the theme of the ancient civilization of marble, a new contemporary vitality, highly technological.

Creativity, technology, entrepreneurial spirit and artistic sense: these are the guiding principles that have inspired Gualtiero Vanelli in founding GVM, renewing and continuing a family tradition for two centuries.
The Vanelli family is known throughout the world for its long tradition linked to the world of marble.

GVM in recent years has expanded and diversified instruments related to the processing of stone, introducing 3D technology, with the use of sophisticated robots, but also marrying the latest technology with the knowledge related to traditional artistic works of the territory. A union from which were born unique products that bind to double-strand the world of marble with architecture, art and design.
The marble, with innovative crafting tools, regains his soul and becomes light material to bend, shape, adapt to any shape and need.

Today GVM is able to produce, process and market worldwide the highest quality raw products, semi-finished, slabs and finished marbles suitable for architect.
GVM has collaborated for several years with the greatest talent and international artists in the fields of architecture, engineering, art, sculpture and design.


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