Terminate le sue vacanze natalazie a St. Barths, Caraibi, Jon ha voluto scrivere un messaggio di auguri 2012 tramite il sito ufficiale e le pagine FB che vi proproniamo nel testo originale in Inglese..

<< Greetings to all. Happy 2012! I hope everyone had a fine holiday and that you’ re all ready for what we hope will be an exciting 2012.

Since we spoke last I’ ve been informed that over 15 million Bon Jovi followers are out there monitoring our activities. Thanks. Considering we’ re not actively touring and don’ t have a record out that is amazing. The Circle Tour was beyond our wildest dreams. 4 m…illion of you saw the tour and made us the biggest tour on the planet in 2010 and #2 in 2011… it’ s only fair we let some of the other bands have some of your attention in 2012 but don’ t worry, we are writing up a storm and have a really good record coming together. Richie and the guys are all happy and healthy. At least that’ s what they tell me…>>

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